Divinity: Original Sin

I’ve been reviewing games for a while now, playing them for the better part of two decades. Most games, I can judge in a manner of minutes, quite accurately, and a small few take a couple of hours for me to fully understand their breadth and depth. Divinity: Original Sin is probably the biggest “stumper” […]

Tropico 5

Looking back, I’m actually quite shocked that I’ve never reviewed a Tropico game, or even any of their DLCs or expansions. Ever since playing Tropico 3, I’ve regarded the series as a lesson in how city-building sims should be made. Obviously the game is not a serious simulation of real cities, what with its tongue-in-cheek […]

Dark Souls 2

Originally published at Game-Over.com I’m a lover of psychology. Whenever I approach a curiosity, my first questions involve introspection (“What does this mean to me? Why am I feeling what I am? Does that make any sense, and if so, why?”) and extrospection (“What is the originator’s motivation or message? How and why do people […]

Age of Wonders 3

Originally published at Game-Over.com From my perspective, it’s always seemed that the moment Civilization broke onto the scene, developers have dreamed of creating the perfect fantasy-themed version of it. Starting with Masters of Magic and continuing on with mods and games like Fall from Heaven and Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, there’s clearly been a market for […]